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Friends, if you are tired of searching for a good gaming application, then your search is over because now a completely new game application has come in the market, whose name is Win 789 app which is also known as Megha Casino or Casino. The company has an application. You should know that not only in India but in the whole world, the gaming app of the casino company is very good and this application proves to be very effective at the time of adding money in any matter like taking withdrawals.

Win 789 App Withdraw Proof Sign-up Bonus Rs.22 Withdraw Rs.300

In this application you are getting signup bonus ₹ 22 and the minimum addcash amount is ₹ 100 and the minimum withdrawal amount is ₹ 600, ₹ 300 is the amount you can transfer to your bank account.

If you have complete faith in Win 789 then please try it once because this application can solve all your difficulties.

More information about Win 789 app

Win 789 app is one of the best online gaming application in which many people earn money by playing online games through mobile. Signup Bonus ₹ 22 Minimum Add Cash ₹ 100 and Minimum Withdrawal ₹ 300 is assured. And Total 22 for you Type of game is available, you can earn money by playing any game as per your choice, about which game you have good knowledge.

Note – Friends, this application involves financial risk, we never recommend you to invest money in this application, if you want to play the game by adding money, then you can put it at your own risk and play the game. Win or lose, I will have no involvement.

Best way to download Win 789 App

Friends Win 789 is an online game application in which you or many people are longing to earn money by playing online games from mobile sitting at home and you have not got a good gaming then this application is very good, you must try it once if If you are reading my article then please download this app.

If you want to download Win 789 App, please read and follow the steps given by me, you will be able to download easily.

Step 1. To download Win 789 Download use the rainbow color button in the article, immediately you will be sent to the official website where you will have to click on the download button one more time.

Step 2. Immediately after clicking on the download button, you will be sent to the official website, where you will not go through another step, this call will get the download button, you will have to click on it, the download will start immediately and after a few seconds I will download now you have to install

Step 3. Win 789 App must have been downloaded and installed, you have to register to get a bonus of ₹ 22, for which we have given the method of registering in the article below, you can easily get a bonus of ₹ 22 by following it. can get

Sign up to Win 789 App and get ₹22 bonus

Friends, if you have downloaded Win 789 APK and want to get 22 bonus and want to play the game, then you have to register now, to register, you have to go through the following steps and complete them, then read my article and Read till the end and register by following

Ste1. Friends, you open the Win 789 app and you will get login and guest login on the home page, then click on the guest login icon, now the program to register will open on your mobile screen, in which you first add 10 digit mobile number.

Step 2. By adding 10 digit mobile number, choose a cute memorable password which has minimum 4 digits and maximum 10 digits and add it in two places.

Step 3. After adding the password, click on the OTP icon given below. On clicking, a four digit password will come within 1 minute. Add and verify that password, your registration will be successful and you will get 22 bags bonus. can be used to play games

How to earn money by playing games in Win 789 app

Friends, in Win 789 app, you can earn money in two ways, play the game and second by sharing the link of this application.

Play games and earn money: – Friends Win 789 Earning app has total 22 types of games, out of which you can play any game, about which game you have knowledge, in this app dragon vs tiger game is the easiest and my Favorite game is you play your favorite game.

To play games in Win 789 app, you have to add money, only then you can roam and earn money, so if you want to earn money by playing games, then add money.

Share the link of Win 789 App and earn money :- Friends, if you want to earn money in Win 789 App, then you have to share the link given in it with your friends.

First open the app and click on the refer and earn icon on the home page, the link will be generated immediately after referring, now you will share with your friends through social media like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. you will get more money than

If your friends download through your sent link then you will get share bonus ₹20 and by downloading and add ₹1000 you will get share bonus of ₹100 and play the game then you will get 5% commission like this You can get a lot of commission and you can fulfill your dreams.

How to get Daily Bonus in Win 789 App

Daily Bonus :- Friends, if you want to get Daily Bonus in Bin 789, then you will get Daily Bonus daily, to get it after 12:00 in the night and then before 12:00 on the second day, within 24 hours. You can also claim and get 2 to 5 rupees as Daily Bonus, for that you have to claim daily.

Weekly Bonus :- Friends Win 789 also provides Weekly Bonus. To get Weekly Bonus you have to claim once a week and in return you will get ₹10 to ₹15.

Monthly Bonus :- Friends, to get monthly bonus, you have to claim once in a month and you will get ₹ 50 to ₹ 100, so you must claim once in a month to get monthly bonus.

How to become VIP member in Win 789 App

Friends, to become a VIP member in Win 789 App, first 8 how to do ₹ 500, add ₹ 500, you will become a VIP member and you will be able to get more bonus, so whenever you add money, do more than minimum ₹ 500 and more get bonus

Share the link of Win 789 App and earn money

Friends, if you want to earn money without playing games and without investing money, then share the link of Win 789 APK with your friend as much as possible.

If you share with your friend, then you will get bonus, if any person downloads from the link sent by you and plays the game by adding money, then you will get one percent commission.

If your friends play 50000 games then you will get ₹500 bonus and if you play 100000 games then you will get ₹1000 commission, in this way you can earn ₹500.

How to add money in Win 789 App

There is a simple way to add money in Win 789 gaming application, by which we have given in the article, you can easily add money by reading it.

First of all you open the Bin 789 app and go to the home page, on the home page you will find a deposit button, which you have to click as simple as clicking, you will see a friend’s photo from ₹ 100 on your mobile screen, you have to set that Click on the icon of how much money you want to recharge, now you have to click on Add Chips.

As soon as you click on Add Chips, you will be refreshed on Pay Phone, Google Pay, Paytm etc. applications.
From where you can pay easily

Learn how to transfer money from Win 789 App to your bank account

If you have earned money through game playing and refer link and you want to send it to your bank account then read my article.

First of all open Win 789 application and click on withdrawl icon on home page now you will get KYC option in which verify by adding your bank account number IFSC code bank name username branch name etc. Add in the Amount field and click on the Withdrawal button in your account within 15 minutes

Customer care support required to resolve any issues

Friends, if you are using the Win 789 application and are earning money by playing games or adding money, and in the meantime any problem comes with you and you want to solve it, then the home page given in the application But click on the customer care icon, as soon as you click, the customer care WhatsApp will open, from there you can directly contact the customer care and solve any transaction or withdrawal problem easily.

Win 789 App FAQs

Q1. how much sign up bonus is available in win789 application

Ans – In Win 789 Apk you are given a signup bonus of ₹ 22

Q2. What is the minimum withdrawal in Win 789 Earning App?

Ans – The minimum withdrawal amount of ₹ 600 has been fixed in One 789 Earning App.

Q3. How much is the minimum add cash in Win 789 gaming app?

Ans- In Win 789 gaming app, the minimum addcash amount has been fixed at ₹100.

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